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Terms & Conditions

Content Disclaimer

The Blogs/Content on Website/Downloads are made available by the insurance broker or insurance Company publisher for educational purposes as well as to provide general information and a general understanding of the insurance. CONTENT IS NOT PROVIDED AS SPECIFIC INSURANCE ADVICE TO THE READER.

Contents and opinions published on this website reflect the personal opinions and thoughts of the author. They do not represent the views or policies of any insurance carrier listed on or referenced on this website.

By using the information provided on or via the Blogs/Content on Website/Downloads, the reader understands that there is no insurance advisor relationship created between the reader and the insurance broker or insurance company. The Blog/Content on Website/Downloads should not be used as a substitute for competent insurance advice from a licensed insurance professional in the state of the reader.

Insurance Product Disclaimer

Insurance coverage cannot be bound or changed via submission of the online Contact Form or Request for Information form, e-mail, voice mail, or facsimile. No insurance policy goes into effect unless and until confirmed directly by the insurance carrier.

Only policies form certain states are represented on this website. Not all policies or coverages are available in every state.

Any proposal of insurance may be presented to you will be based upon the values developed and exposures to loss disclosed by you to an online form/application and/or in communications between us and/or the insurance carrier. All coverages are subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the actual policy issued.

If you are self-enrolling, please be sure to read all of the product materials available on the insurance company's quoting and enrollment pages, paying particular attention to plan design, outlines of coverage, waiting periods, limitations, and exclusions. The respective insurance companies maintain the links to quoting pages, document downloads, and enrollment.

Third parties are solely responsible for the content they provide on their quoting tools and websites. No warranty to the owner of headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is implied by supplying links to them.

Information provided by you to third-party websites is your sole responsibility and subject to the Terms and Conditions of that third party website.

Links on this website that redirect you to external pages are tested regularly for accuracy. Should you find a link that is malfunctioning or not directed as expected, please send the URL to the broken link to

Waiver of Liability

By using this website, you also agree to release the owner of this website from any liability if unauthorized persons accidentally view this information—such information for insurance quoting purposes and will not distribute it to other parties.

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