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Hi! You've found the page where I share a little about myself.

Why Judy Bezler Insurance

About a decade ago, I became frustrated when I learned that my friends who were 1099 contractors, solopreneurs, and owned small businesses didn't have access to the same personalized benefits advice given to large employers. Lack of benefits knowledge and a do-it-yourself mindset hurt people I cared about.

Judy Bezler Insurance was born from that frustration. The mission of Judy Bezler Insurance is to share years of knowledge about benefits strategies, tax-advantaged solutions, and innovative plan designs for people whose livelihood and future depend on having the right insurance benefits when they become sick or injured.

People need to know what their insurance options are, what their policies will (and won't) do, and what insurance terms mean. We intentionally spend a lot of time explaining insurance and insurance terms in simple, easy-to-understand language in conversations with our clients and our blogs and videos.

The insurance solutions we provide for employers are sensitive to the needs of both the employees and the employer, no matter the business's size. We work hard for you because we've been an employer and an employee, a solopreneur, and a 1099 contractor. These life experiences give Judy Bezler Insurance a unique perspective. 

Personal Stuff
Born and raised in CT, I've lived in MA, NH, and NJ.  I'm a mom to two wonderful sons and Nana to two precious grandchildren.
I've held my insurance license for over twenty-five years. I hold a BS. Degree in Organizational Management and have done extensive study in Psychology and Leadership.
I love to travel, hike, garden, sing, and volunteer at my church. (If you've read this far, ask me about ballroom dancing!)

What We Stand For


We maintain our independence from insurance carriers or other third parties. We are not obligated to recommend one particular solution, carrier, or plan over another.


We represent only top-rated insurance carriers and service providers who offer proven products, demonstrate top-notch claims capability, and have consistently excellent customer service.


We are dedicated to innovative problem-solving that finds the best solution for each client's specific insurance needs regardless of our compensation. Our customers always come first.

Trip Planning

Our Service Areas

If you or your business is located in one of these states,

we've got you covered! 

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